How to Use Powtoon: The Basics

Tools Used in Development: Camtasia & Powtoon

Time in Development: 2-4 hours


Script (First Draft)

Tools Used in Development: Microsoft Word (converted to PDF)

Time in Development: 1 hour

Client: Self

Collaborators: None

Project Challenges

The biggest challenge for this project was trying to condense the information into a less than 5 minute video. I knew I wanted to add some Powtoon graphics in the beginning and end of the recording, and that would add to my time. In my first draft (seen above), I had more information that I wanted to share. However, it proved to be a little too much for a short video.

Project Solutions

There were some text from the script that had to be edited and taken out. The sentences about the free trial had to be edited out. While it was useful information, I wanted to keep the video strictly about the basics.