Smartphone Addiction: How to Curb the Habit

Tools Used in Development: Vyond

Time in Development: 4-6 hours

Smartphone Addiction Vyond Storyboard.pdf


Tools Used in Development: Microsoft Word (converted to PDF)

Time in Development: 1 Day

Client: Self

Collaborators: None

Project Challenges

My first storyboard had a smaller script. The script wasn't going to amount to two minutes of voice-over work. I had to add more information, therefore more scenes. The other challenge was trying to make this video more dynamic and not basic.

Project Solutions

The final result and storyboard showed a lot more information than before. I used to have about three tips and I made it into five tips instead. I also added another scenario in how phones can be addicting, using the act of binge-watching and going down a rabbit hole of videos. How I made this video more dynamic was using the templates that were available, as well as layering character actions so it looks like the character is doing more than one thing in each scene. I self-taught this method of using instant enter and exit effects and layering each character's action right on top of each other.